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Jacksonville Office
1640 Pelham Road South

Jacksonville, AL 36265
Phone: 256-435-6680


Anniston Office

2427 C Hwy 202
Anniston, AL 36201
Phone: 256-238-1100


Emergency Numbers

Cell: (256) 525-0204

Home: (256) 435-8820



Accredited Dry Eye Center


American Optometric Association


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Welcome to Jacksonville Vision Source


As a member of the Vision Source network of independent optometric professionals, our mission is simple:


To make you a loyal patient.


If we satisfy you, well, that’s OK. But, almost anyone can “satisfy” you. What we want to do is make your experience with our level of service so impressive, to so far-exceed your expectations, that you will not go anywhere else. And, if we do this correctly, we believe you will actively tell others about your experience. That’s a win-win for all of us.


Dr. Chandler uses the absolute latest eye care technology, with the very highest quality vision products while providing the personal care and convenience of being your neighborhood eye doctor. Along with the more than 5,500 Vision Source doctors across the U.S., Dr. Chandler sets the standard for delivering the highest quality eye care available.